Block Murdoch works!

Not long ago, I heard of an extension for Chrome that blocks sites owned by everyone’s favourite evil mastermind, Rupert Murdoch.

As those in the know, know, Murdoch and his media empire are some of the key figures and organisations who are blocking and undermining work being done on global heating.

Everything from publishing wet dreams for those folks who can’t see past their bank accounts to actively funding organisations dedicated to blocking anything good being done on the topic.

In Australia, he was even Tony Abbott’s (booooo!) climate change adviser!

We can all hit this monster where it hurts – in his readership. We can boycott Murdoch’s press publications, channels and shows and general media tomfoolery (here’s a list of them).

Now there’s an extension or add on for Chrome called ‘Bye Rupert‘ by a fellow named Mathew Carpenter . All it does is check the site you have landed on with a list of News Corp ‘assets’ and if they match, it blocks them. It leaves the page blank except for a little pop up box like this –

I’ve had no hassles while using the extension. It is simple and works nicely. I’m not sure if it blocks all his sites because I haven’t tried them all but those that I have tried are blocked.

I’d love to see something like this that stops search engines displaying links to this empire or blocks ads or links as you click on them. Maybe one day.

Anyways, click on the big pic of the evil puppeteer and go to the download page for Chrome or click here for a similar script for Firefox called ‘Murdoch Blocker

Bye Rupert!

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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