Cool Gawler Cool Towns


I’m investigating Summer Gawler on foot during this heatwave to identify where every day folks can go to cool off.

For this, I’m using the tag #coolgawler on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. That’s for locals in around Gawler, of course.

If you’re not in Gawler but are still feeling the heat, use the #cooltowns tag to help others in your local area to be a bit more comfortable.

Feel free to use the #coolgawler and #cooltowns tag on your own social media to get info about your own favourite spots out to everyone.

You can include homes, parks, businesses that are open to everyone, council buildings…anywhere there’s a cool space to sit for a while and cool off.

Seriously though, even though I’m emphasising comfort, heat and dehydration can be deadly.

Letting folks know where they can at least get a free glass of water or a place to sit could keep them alive. Let’s help each other get through this Summer…

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