Happy Christmas!

It’s that time of the year again! Time for good food, family and friendship.

Jelina, Marlon, Athena and I want to wish you a joyous Christmas if you celebrate it, a relaxed and happy few days if you don’t.

Our thoughts go out to those suffering from the horrendous bushfires that are devastating our country. There are those with loved ones who have been killed, those who have lost everything and those who at least know someone who is suffering and at least one man who had to cut short his holiday.

Everyday Australians are a pretty good lot and we’re confident that a lot of money and resources will be raised to help rebuild.

So, however you do it, have a happy, safe one.

3 Comments on “Happy Christmas!

    • Thanks Helen! They’ll run on and on…its only the beginning of Summer and we had a 48 degree day already. We’re not a
      directly affected (i.e. nothing of ours has burned) but we know a lot of people who have been, even some who have lost everything.


      • That’s so awful (losing everything) but I am glad you have not been directly affected. I hope this remains the case.


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