Last week in Ligaya Garden #14

This’ll be the last of the weekly updates. I’ll be switching to more comprehensive monthly updates that should make for a better read.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

Last week was an interesting one. It was mostly about being online.

As you may be able to tell, if you’re a regular reader, this site has undergone quite a change.

We paid out for the ‘Premium’ plan with WordPress. That gave us access to lots of shiny new themes like this one, Atlas. There’s more accessibility and connectivity built in too.

Marlon has been busy tweaking the design and I’ve been going through redoing all the tags and categories for searchability. Prior to this, I’d just been whacking in whatever I thought people might search for. Now, there’s a good structure.

I’ve added feature images to our posts and a little excerpt so that readers can get a taste of what’s inside without opening the whole post. I’m only going back a couple of months, to the start of the Ligaya Gardening Tips and Last Week in Ligaya Garden series of posts.

Not much gets looked at past that anyway, Folks go straight to the pages that they’re interested in or find through our social media.

We’re going through the pages too, fixing, tweaking and organising. You’ll probably see (once again if you’re a regular) that the whole menu system has been given a kick in the pants and now you can find things with more ease.

I’ve been going over all of our social media – Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, Instagram and Pintetest to make sure they’re all up to date. There’s even a new Pinterest board for our Instagram posts. How’s that for connectivity and convenience?

It’s all because we want to get more information out to folks as the world gets to be a tougher place. We think it’s all good information and can help a lot of folks. Until now, it’s just been me plugging in whatever I thought would fit and keeping a record of the development of Ligaya Garden.

On the gardening front, we cemented in a couple of posts to hold market style shade umbrellas to help cool the place. I’m making them double secure after someone stole one last year.

There’s another extension on the aquaponics. Just a little one to use up some excess pipe that was left from the dismantling of the pipe beds along the fence. This gives us space for 7 more plants.

Shade cloth cutouts were put on all of the big pots in the back yard. Mamma Blackbird has been getting too insistent about redistributing our mulch. I’m putting my foot down now that her babies are gone. Though I was sad to find one of their bodies in the sump tank of the aquaponics.

I did manage to sneak in one regular Ligaya Gardening Tips post too!

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