Ligaya Gardening Tips #15 Grow Azolla

We often get asked for gardening tips, so have decided to do a weekly post describing things we do to keep our garden going well with bugger all effort.

I’ll collate them on this page.

Azolla makes an excellent mulch

If I was asked to list the most useful plants in the garden, I would rank Azolla in the top 3.

It’s positioning in that group would depend on my mood or needs on the day, but it would be up there with the best of them.

Azolla (Azolla filiculoides) is a fast growing aquatic fern that I’ve already posted about here.

Beside its use as a fodder plant, it is an excellent mulch for the hot weather. It can be harvested in thick handfuls and placed directly around the plant where its thickness makes for a cooling blanket and its moisture will be appreciated. Azolla doesn’t take long to break down either so its nutrients can be accessed quickly.

This time of year, I apply it in thick layers around plants in pots. In the above pic, our Moringa trees are getting a treat. I’m sure they will say ‘thanks’ in their own way.

Azolla is very easy to grow in tubs or aquaponics (but give it a separate tub with extra filtration in the way out or you’ll have it everywhere!). Check out this link for more details on how we grow it.

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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