Happiness is a hoverfly haven

We love this Crassula, not for ediblity (it’s definitely not edible) but for its flowers that attract Hoverflies. They love it!

We don’t know what variety or species, it is (probably tetragona) and probably the hoverflies don’t either but when the plants are in full flower, there are literally clouds of them hovering around each plant – all ready to zoom off and eat our pest insects.

It can spread quite easily

Because they’re so hardy, they can be a little invasive so we keep them in pots and move them around with the seasons.

It was an accidental discovery. We were given a whole lot of it when we were just starting out and stuck it into pots to add a bit of greenery around the place.

One day, I noticed a cloud of Hoverflies around them and we’ve been friends ever since.

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