Ngarrindjeri Basketweaving Classes


Aunty Ellen Trevorrow, Ngarrindjerri Elder and Master Weaver is holding a Residential Class on weaving and how it applies to Indigenous Culture.

The 3 day residential class will be held from Fri Mar 16 to Sun Mar 18 at Camp Coorong 7 Mile Road, Meningie, SA.

If you’d like to book, here’s the LINK

Is a great opportunity to meet and work with with Aunty Ellen and learn traditional Ngarrindjeri weaving skills and to understand how weaving as an art form is used to share stories within culture.

The class is suitable for beginners and advanced weavers and those who just enjoy a good yarn.

Aunty Ellen says about herself:

“I was born at Point McLeay (now called Raukkan) in 1955 and was raised near Tailem Bend a small town in the Murray lands region of South Australia. I spent my childhood staying at fringe camps just outside of Tailem Bend town with my grandmother, Ellen Brown, from whom I obtained my name. I watched my grandmother weave when I was a child but never had a chance of learning it. My own weaving practice only began in 1982.

I describe myself as a ‘Ngarrindjeri cultural weaver’ making the baskets, mats and fish scoops that the old people used for gathering food and for protection.

Everything made by the old people served a purpose and it is an honour for me to be doing it today’. They were tools of survival in the past, now they are tools for the survival of the culture. Although I may occasionally use some of the baskets, primarily my work functions as a symbol of my culture and for mys self-fullfilment as a representative of my culture. I work hard to make sure that Ngarrindjeri basket weaving and Ngarrindjeri culture and tradition well continue to the next generation.

I have spent a lifetime keeping the art of Ngarrindjeri traditional basketweaving alive and teaching many others during basketweaving workshops at Camp Coorong. I have travelled with my basket art around the World and also travelled to North America to Indigenous Basketweaving Conferences, where my practice is respected by fellow international basketweavers. Innumerable school groups and international visitors have attended my workshops at Camp Coorong and I invite you to this one”.


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