Comfrey composter update.

IMG_20180212_170128.jpgThe leftovers.Well, it’s been about a month, so I wanted to check out what was happening inside of the Comfrey Compost Tea Maker that I posted about in January.

The tea maker was made from 90mm PVC pipe, 1 metre long. I packed it tightly with Comfrey leaves and, over the month, got just over 200ml of concentrated Comfrey goodness which we added to the aquaponics system to give it a boost.

The yucky pic above is what’s left. About 12 cm of dense black, slightly smelly stuff that’s going into the worm farm. Thats a almost 10:1 reduction in volume and it’s quite dry, showing that the liquid component has been squeezed out.

Comfrey is chock full of potassium which boosts flowering and fruiting, so we hope to see a boost in our aquaponics tomatoes.

To further the experiment, I’ve added extra weight to the bottle weight to see if the next lot can be squeezed even further and have been tempted to make another one from 100ml pipe for another try.


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