The garden’s growing to live up to its name

Thanks to the extra rain and the overcast skies, Ligaya garden has become almost overgrown.

Some readers may remember the fecundity and thickness of the greenery this time last year. A lot of that was to do with a surplus of Lab Lab beans that overgrew so much.

This year, its just as thick and no Lab Labs in sight.

Our Blueberries have thrived since transplanting them into the ground. They never did too well in pots. Lots of green growth but few berries. My secret is dumping the Kombucha tailings around the area where the Blueberries have settled.

Mercy got the first lot of berries but our fortifications have held and we’re getting a few to celebrate.

Jelina’s he happiest – this year she got a handful! Last year someone else got most of them. Hmmmm…

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