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How do you feel about a subscription based section for Ligaya Garden?

Were going to add some subscriber only content for paid subscribers to help us make ends meet

It’s the last day of our FB fundraiser. We’re about halfway to the amount we need, which will match our savings and get us to our goal. If you like what we do and have a few bucks spare, please consider donating. You can do it on FB but we’ll also take more personal considerations if you don’t trust the system.

You can even leave an unmarked envelope of cash in the letterbox under the cover of darkness if that appeals to you more… https://ift.tt/2Y1jk6d share2steem via Instagram https://www.instagram.com/p/Bz_7NE9gF0Y/

Our little market stall

Alchemy Cafe are hosting a vintage market today. We have a little stall selling vintage jewellery that is excess to my online shop, SellTheOld. If you’re buzzing around Gawler with extra cash and nothing to do, drop by…

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