How do you feel about a subscription based section for Ligaya Garden?

For nearly seven years now, Ligaya Garden has been a labour of love for our family. The website,  has been a project that I started in order to chronicle it all so that folks could gain a little inspiration and a lot of practical knowledge.

All of the information that I’ve shared there so far has been free but the time has come when we need to earn a little money from it all. It’s taking a lot of time and effort to keep it all running.

So I’ve decided to add a subscription aspect to our efforts. It’ll be a nominal fee for subscription only information. All new posts and pages will still have free information but there will be more in-depth information in the subscription only sections.

We will have monthly bonuses for paid subscribers  and a periodical chat session where you can ask literally anything about growing your own food and establishing your own resilience.

I’m thinking of $5.50 per month for the subscription and a yearly subscription for $50 if you want to pay up front. Of course, folks can always donate as they feel fit too. We’re staying away from selling products and buying into that whole capitalist thing of growth at all costs. All we’re interested in is covering our costs and gathering a little more to kick off our upcoming books and videos.

What do you think, would you be interested in subscribing?


5 Comments on “How do you feel about a subscription based section for Ligaya Garden?

  1. I would be happy to pay this amount for content. I love reading your posts and just wish I had more time to implement stuff. I am not into hydroponics at this point but find everything else useful and practical.

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    • Thank you for that supportive comment. It’ll take a little time to get the nuts and bolts together but I will let you know when things are happening.


  2. Hi Malcolm
    I just read your post regarding a yearly subscription and am happy to subscribe and support the growth of the garden into new areas.


    • Awesome, Ginenne! It’ll take me a couple of weeks to tweak the required bits on the website. I’ll let everyone know when it’s live.

      Could you please share the fact that were doing a subscription option soon too?


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