Milk Kefir

Milk Kefir grains
Milk Kefir grains

Milk Kefir is a fantastic, simple way to increase the nutritional value of milk and even change it into a form that lactose intolerant folk like myself can drink.

Like Water Kefir, Milk Kefir is a group of microbes that hang together in rubber grains. Each grain is a colony in its own right.

They live by eating the sugars such as lactose in milk. They excrete carbon dioxide, alcohol and some compounds that are great for our health, in particular, for the health of out gut biome.

Nothing could be simpler than making Milk Kefir.

Just keep your grains in a jar with a couple of cups of milk and every day strain the grains out. Replace the milk with fresh stuff and add the grains again.

Leave overnight, or if you like a stronger taste, leave for a couple of days. The milk will thicken to the consistency of buttermilk. I like the taste after I’ve left it 2 days.

If you leave it too long, the milk will separate into whey. You can still use it at this stage as whey is very nutritious in its own right.

Curds and whey
The whey has separated

If you plan to be away for a while, it’s easy to look after your Kefir. Just put it in a jar with fresh milk and leave it in the fridge until you come back. You can also dry or freeze the grains if you’ll be away a very very long time.

You can also make a tasty soft cheese from Milk Kefir with little extra effort. Take a look here.

You can find out about other simple types of kitchen fermentation on our fermentation page

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