Water Kefir

Water Kefir is one of the simplest methods of fermentation that you csn do at home.

Mysterious, rubbery grains transform sugar and water into a drink full of probiotic goodness.

The grains are really colonies of microbes that eat the sugar and excrete carbon dioxide along with a whole bunch of compounds that aregreat for our health, especially that of our gut flora and fauna.

My way of fermenting with water kefir grains is simple.

I have a jar in which about 2 tablespoonfuls of the grains live. I start them with a tablespoonful of sugar and 3 cups of spring or filteted water.

Every day in the warmer weather (every second day in the cool), I pour out the liquid and drink it. Then I replace the water and sugar and leave it overnight. The next day I repeat the process. What could be simpler than that.

You can leave the kefir for a coupke of days before drinking if you want a stronger taste.

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