Our @ligayagarden Instagram account is where we post our daily activity kind of pics and info. It’s probably the most convenient way to share the small things that make each day interesting, if not satisfying with our online community. We already have nearly 1400 followers on Instagram!

That means nearly 1400 connections to the world of nature, permaculture, gardening and inspiration and we think that it is a two way street, with us inspiring and entertaining folks as well. Our account isn’t as pretty as some, I’m too random and impulsive with what I share but I hope that it makes up for that by being chock full of information.

I’m pretty happy to have discovered this widget that allows me to share our Instagram posts directly to our website. That way, we can save a little space on our WordPress storage (it’s only 13GB all up) and folks who aren’t fans of Instagram can still see more of what’s going on in Ligaya Garden far more quickly. It’ll definitely make things a lot more flexible. This page is accessible from the menus at the top of each page and will give us all a whole lot more interaction.

Usually, I’ll post to Instagram first, then if I want to write about a topic in far more detail, I’ll do that here. Think of Instagram as the appetiser and Ligaya Garden as the main course plus dessert! Of course, we still have other social media and you can find them on our ‘Our Links‘ page if you want to investigate them.

Instagram link
We’re @ligayagarden !

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