Nostalgia – our first official post from way back in 2015

I’ve been doing a lot of work on this website of late and have come across many old posts and pics. So I thought I’d share with our new friends and followers one from the bowels of the archives. Here’s the first post from October 2015 which is when the mortgage was officially in play. We hadn’t even thought of naming the place at that time…

It’s Ours!

Our own house! We finally have a mortgage on it.

To celebrate, we’ve been planting. There are now 5 citrus trees along the front, this will give us a privacy hedge that will help feed us. There are Lemon, Orange, Mandarin, Blood Orange and Kafir lime.

Behind them are Apple, Dwarf Almond, Dwarf Nectarine and a Pear tree. These deciduous trees will shade the house in summer, as well as provide fruit and compost.

All of the trees grow well in the local area and fruit at different times, so we will always have something on the trees.

Back to 2021..

The Dwarf trees and the Blood Orange decided that Ligaya Garden wasn’t the place for them but the other trees mentioned still provide food and shelter for Jelina, Marlon, Athena and me.

If you’ve been a friend or follower of Ligaya Garden for a while, you will be aware of the MASSIVE changes to the place and our lifestyle. It’s been 6 years of constant growth, experimentation and development. If you’re a new friend, check out out Timeline page where you can get to see some of the changes and progress. There are some gaps in the coverage though – we had a hard drive crash and a number of pictures disappeared. We’re finding them from time to time in odd places and sometimes a friend will say ‘Oh! I’ve got a picture of that’! and we’ll get a copy to add to a year’s timeline pics. I’ve recently discovered a block in the WordPress editor that allows me to put up a comparison between two photos. All a viewer will need to do is to slide between the two with their mouse or keyboard. I don’t think it’ll work on phones though but when I get some free time, do a retrospective and update the individual timeline pages.

Folks who have been friends for a long while may notice that there were some pics published that predated the post this post is about. That’s because when we were 99.9999% sure that we’d get the mortgage, we started planting! A few of those pics are shown below.

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