It’s the Grow It Local Awards time!

It’s time for the Grow It Local Awards! We’ve joined in under the category of ‘the most original patch’ because we reckon that Ligaya Garden is pretty unique and if you’ve been following us for a while, here or on our @ligayagarden Instagram account, you’d probably agree!

We’ve had a Ligaya Garden space on the Grow It Local website for a while now and have enjoyed connecting with other gardeners and growers there. There’s also a store where we can sell stuff but we haven’t got around to that yet. When we saw the post about the awards on Instagram, we just had to join in!


What about entering?

The awards are being run on Instagram. To enter, post your pic or video entry to Instagram, noting the award category your are entering and include #growitlocalawards. Make sure you tag it and if you enter a Story, add it to your highlights or it will disappear like our first one did. Set your posts to ‘Public’ too!

You can enter until Feb 28, 2022 and winners will be announced March 21, 2022.

Who is judging the Awards

There’s a whole galaxy of gardening stars to bribe and cajole into letting us win and Athena is sitting next to me, practicing her best ‘feed me’ face as I type. Anyway, you may have heard of some of them if you watch TV and there’s some local legends too! There’s –

  • Costa (Gardening Australia)
  • Paul West (River Cottage Australia)
  • Sabrina Hahn (ABC)
  • Jac Semmler (The Plant Society)¬†
  • Matthew Evans (The Gourmet Farmer)
  • Dave Bowman (Google)
  • Nathan McLay (Future Classic)
  • Sophie Thomson (Gardening Australia)
  • Koren Helbig (
  • Casey Lister (Pinch Dash Glug)
Do you reckon this one will sway the judges?
Do you reckon Athena can sway the judges with this look?
It's the Grow It Local Awards!

What is Grow It Local all about?

Even though there’s some big names in the gardening game involved, Grow It Local is about grass roots growers and gardening activists. It’s about getting folks to grow, share and eat together in an online community of like minded people (OK, Athena, and dogs!). It’s a national thing but the focus is on local connections.

Our interest in it is in building more resilient communities but its also about all of the good things that flow from sharing your garden and what it grows. Things like (quoted from their website) –

  • Make growing more accessible¬†
  • Increase the production & consumption of locally grown foods
  • Provide a connection to nature
  • Inspire positive health & wellbeing¬†
  • Help build stronger and more resilient communities
  • Increase composting and reduce organic waste to landfill
  • Do something delicious & have a little fun !
  • of course, there’s more information on their ‘About‘ page that you can go to rather than me rabbiting on here.

If you’d like to join the ever growing Grow It Local community, head on over to their Signup page and follow the prompts. Once you’ve done that, you can add a profile, get seen on their map, post pics of your garden, list products and services that you offer, list events and buy stuff too.

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