Teaming up with AgriAdventures for a podcast

Here’s a bit of good news and a thrill for us! We at Ligaya Garden have teamed up with AgriAdventures to do a fortnightly podcast about aspects of gardening, food growing, sustainability and homesteading. It will be recorded on a Sunday and I’ll post them here in Hive Garden so folks can get to hear them. They’re broadcast on Radio Italia Uno here in South Australia too.

The one linked to here is the last edition and a new one will be recorded this weekend so I’ll post it here once all of the processing is finished. The current episode is about pests and predators and the upcoming one is about making your own fertilizers in the home garden. I hope you can get to listen to it and get something useful from it.

We like working with AgriAdventures, they’re a new, local booking agency who specialise in promoting food based events in South Australia, whether they are festivals or workshops about growing, cooking or eating food. With the changes to life that have come about from the covid situation, Simone and co. are now hosting these virtual experiences so that folks who can’t get to live events can access some of the experience of the event or workshop.

This podcast is different from those on our Podcasts page. Once I work out how to incorporate these into our account, they’ll all be accessible on that page.

Radio Italia Uno
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