Fundraiser for the Gawler Community Garden

It’s been a struggle for the instigators and supporters of the upcoming, new, Gawler Community Garden – a long struggle with Gawler Council who have made it pretty clear that they don’t actually want a Community Garden but lots of good folks (us included) fully support the idea and are willing to help out as much as we can.

Anyways, things are inching along and the Community Garden are having a fundraiser. Funds raised will go toward supplementing grant money that will go towards fencing the block.

If you’re a believer in Community Gardens and that every community should be allowed to develop one, you can help out by buying a ticket online for $2.00 or emailing the Gawler Council and telling them that you want the Community Garden and to get a move on! You can even phone them on 08 8522 9211

For ticket purchases, click here or the image below

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