Mingee’s in the garden!

Now that the warm weather is here, it’s time to move our Bluetongue lizard from the aquarium in the shed and let him loose on the bugs in the garden.

I moved the hollow log from the chicken cage (a change is good for them now and again too) and put it in roughly the centre of the garden next to the Almond tree. It’s by the wicking beds too, so that’ll attrct lots of food in Summer and give cool places to rest in the heat..

The man himself!
The man himself!

Some of the sawdust and shredded paper was taken from the aquarium and spread under the log. Mingee’s favourite rocks and water bowl were put nearby too.

No Mingee, you can’t take your heat mat with you!

The new palace
The new palace

The location is surrounded by Sweet Potato vines and the big Rhubarb leaves. This’ll let him scuttle around unseen as he hunts the pest bugs in our garden. I trained him to eat Slugs, Worms and Slaters over Winter in addition to his meet and fruit. I’ll still drop pieces of both by the entrance to his log, as well as choice Mealworms.

He has the run of the pathway to bask in but I’m sure he’ll find a favourite spot that ticks all the boxes for a lizard. Maybe one day a lady Bluetongue will be passing by and see him basking…

His old house
His old house

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