Tales from the Gawler River video conversion

A long time ago, before Ligaya Garden came to be, we were part of a team of locals who, as part of the Gawler Environment and Heritage Association, made a video. It was in the old days of DVDs and the only copy we had was in that format.

I asked our friends Miriam and Andrew who run Environment and Science Media if they could update the format so that it could go online. Of course, they succeeded and here’s a link to where you can check it out.

Watching the video again after so long bought a tear or two to my eyes. Those were great days and some of our friends from that time who were in the video have passed on. Participating in the video production and all of the adventures that we had during those times were especially good for me – they were times when I was suffering deep dark depression after a real down and suicide attempt. Being out and about in nature and history and being friends with some incredible people kept me afloat and active, something I needed badly.

Don’t think that the video is in any way depressing, it’s upbeat and fun and was presented by the local legend, now historical himself, Geoff New.

Tales from the Gawler River is a video looking at the way that the river has influenced Gawler over the years. It looks at the natural cycles, the uses people have put the catchment to and, unfortunately, some of the environmental concerns.

You can contact GEHA by email – geha1@bigpond.com

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