Fund raising

Work never ceases at Ligaya Garden.

That sounds good, doesn’t it and it’s vaguely true. There’s lots of rest time, time to enjoy the garden, writing time and play time. What I mean is that there are always new things to explore and new projects to do.

There’s one BIG project that we’d love to finish before the Summer comes and it’s all about rain harvesting. We recently started a little fundraiser to raise some money to redo the rain harvesting and storage in the front garden by adding a new tank and redoing the plumbing for the tanks and storm water along the lines suggested in the videos and books by water guru Brad Lancaster. We’d also like to convert the pathway into a reverse French Drain – I reckon I can temporarily store 2000 litres of water there before it permeates into the ground for the trees to drink. There were a few donations and I’ve contacted everyone who donated and told them what we bought with their gift.

We put that on hold when the Adelaide Edible Gardening Trail mob showed an interest in our place, that was quickly followed by Sophie and the crew from Gardening Australia who visited us to film a segment for their show. We felt a bit uncomfortable asking for money from folks while the spotlight was on us. It kind of felt like leeching off of known personalities and groups. I know that is exactly what you should do in this dog eat dog (sorry Athena, not you!) world but we think a little differently, so we put a hold on the campaign.

Now that the dust has settled and the spotlight is pointing in another direction, we feel a bit more comfortable restarting it.

We also want to give something back to those who donate. We know that for you, your donation will be a gift but for us, it will contribute something that will help us live this sustainable lifestyle for a long time. So we’re making a little ebook and video of the full process, going into all of the gory details so that , if you want, you can do it all yourself.

For a while, we’ve been toying with the idea of offering a, subscription based, Premium Service where folks pay and get far more, in-depth, information and a lot of other benefits such as freebies and meet ups but I’ve always liked freebies and have recently been inspired by Caitlin Johnstone’s model of doing things, so have decided to think along similar lines, so we’ll keep it free and just add a few donation buttons here and there and a link to our RedBubble shop, ligaya1 where we’re selling interesting garden and earth friendly images on t-shirts, mugs, phone cases…all of the usual kinds of merchandising that you’re familiar with.

If you’d like to help us out, the details of what we’ll be purchasing are as follows –

  • 1 X 1000 litre tall, round Poly rain tank
  • 24 metres 90 mm PVC pipe (hopefully, we can source this second hand) – 12 metres already purchased with donation
  • 2 X 90 mm T-joint
  • 2 X 90 mm 90 degree bends
  • 2 X threaded end caps
  • 2 X slip on end caps – already purchased with donation
  • 2 X mosquito screens
  • 1 X diverter valve – already purchased with donation
  • 1 X gutter guard Leafeater – already purchased with donation
  • 1 x cubic metre of 20mm cream rounds (gravel)

Maybe you already have one or two of those items and would like to donate them instead of hard earned currency. That would be awesome! The gift economy always outshines the dollar based one!

We’d like to do the fundraising through our Square account but If you’d prefer to donate in another way, you can do so through our regular donations page.
check out our shop, ligaya1

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