Our first ‘how to’ video!


We’re getting pretty technical at Ligaya Garden of late, especially in the context of presenting our information in video format.

Our friend, Talyn, is sharing his knowledge on the topic and whipping my rambling mumbles and pics into slick and watchable videos for our Vimeo and YouTube accounts.

Click on the gif above to be transported to our first ‘how to’ video. This one’s about extending the Bokashi spray that you buy into a long term supply. In the not too distant future, we’ll be converting every video to a podcast too for those of you who like that style of presentation but for now, here’s our first podcast

Our first How To Video Ligaya Garden Oddcast

Here's our first how to video, converted into a podcast for you while we get our heads around all of this. It's about how to turn the Bokashi spray that you buy into an almost endless supply for personal use. It's a straight .mp3 from the video but in July, we'll be starting a fortnightly podcast about what's happening here at Ligaya Garden. In between, we'll also share our instructional videos here with you as bonus audio, just like this one!

You can check out Talyn’s skills on his own YouTube channel nifty-shotZ.

Let us know what you think of this first visual extravaganza. We’ll be posting the links to our Vimeo here on ligayagarden.online but will always add a YouTube link too for you YouTube junkies. Unfortunately, we can’t afford the storage space on this account to enable us host the videos ourselves so this is the best option.

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