The big guns. A little text piece.

I’d like to introduce you to the biggest machines in our garden.

All day long they mine and convert minerals in collaboration with an army of living creatures that exist in and around them. Instead of destroying the space in which they exist, they help build it as they perform their functions, tying it together with the very tools, pipes and conduits with which they mine.

These machines work by hydraulics and osmosis, moving water through microscopic membranes, balancing the dissolved elements in soil water with those on their insides and accepting them in where they are used for in myriad of chemical reactions.

They are never stopping water pumps too. Water is pumped inside them to a great height from the ground, moving up into solar collectors that then release it, air conditioning the space around them.

These great machines are air filters and their structure surveys to slow wind and the moisture within, capturing it and allowing it to be accessed by those below.

Their clever design allows them to host a huge population of creatures who work along with them.

The presence of these great machines shades the earth and plants around them, protecting all and sundry from the ravages of the Summer Sun. In Winter too, they protect those around them from the worst ravages of wind and rain.

These machines are self sufficient producing their own energy from sunlight, air and the products of their mining efforts.

Machines they may be but they convert the water and minerals that they mine into biological, self replicating units that populate the space around them.

These replication units are organic in structure and content and provide food for creatures dwelling nearby and many times cases provide compounds that are medicinal in nature and heal them when they are sick.

I think you may have guessed by now the name and nature of these machines. Trees. We’d be nothing without them.

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