A little talking…

Jelina and I had a great day yesterday at Poetic Justice Cafe.

Our friend and the owner, Gayle, had invited us to speak at a lunch for staff of Northern Foster Care Services, part of Anglicare. This team focuses on Indigenous and culturally diverse children in the foster care system and deserved to cut loose with a bit of a lunch.

I spoke on local bushfoods and medicines and provided lots of fresh samples. Whenever I do one of these talks or workshops, I go for a wander beforehand and pick whatever’s in a reasonable wandering distance from the venue. I reckon that is the best way to engage people with local plants and through that, culture. If people can see the plants pretty well straight away, or can associate them with plants that they’ve seen recently, it helps to get the message home.

Yesterday’s samples came from the vicinity of Willaston Cemetary, where they have a great Bush For Life project going preserving the native woodland there. I don’t think they’ll mind me haven taken a few samples.

I do seasonal foraging and bush foods walks and talks for groups and individuals on request as a way to make a little cash for garden projects and they’re usually a lot of fun. If you’re interested one, contact me through here

Jelina speaking about her work
Fully engaged and full of coffee.

Jelina followed up with a talk about her PhD research and how she and Aunty Ellen Trevorrow work closely together sharing stories and Ngarrindjeri culture when they teach traditional weaving workshops.

As usual, Jelina stole the show. Her work and research is fascinating but I can’t go into it in too much detail here until her thesis has been submitted. One joys of working in academia is that sharks are always in the prowl to steal promising ideas and research and claim them for their own.

We followed up the talks with much needed coffee and some absolutely awesome food. Gayle and her family runs a community focused cafe that plays host to many interesting regulars (including your’s truly 😁) and interesting events like this. Drop by if you’re in Gawler – they’re right in the middle of it.

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