Spirulina: update

The Spirulina culture is coming along nicely. It’s been moved to its final position in the laundry, next to the apple cider vinegar.

We got some nice little indoor grow lamps from Bunnings for the plants in the lounge and I just had to have one for the Spirulina.

Now the little algae population has 24 hour aeration, heating and 18 hour lighting in just the red and blue light bands that plants like.

Another bonus is that we get nice, purple tinged night lights through the house without needing to turn on room lights. The lamps are doing double duty, so that means more efficiency and less power used.

As the algae and plants absorb CO2, that adds another big bonus – its all about getting multiple uses or efficiencies out of everything.

Once they’ve had a few more days to settle down, I’ll be changing the jar to an aquarium and creating their preferred environment just the way they like it.

If I get this algae experiment right, I might try and source some bioluminescent stuff. Who knows?

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