Powdered goodness

We keep a big jar of powdered greens in the kitchen. Literally any excess from the garden is dried and powdered as the year progresses.

The powder gets put into a lot of dishes, especially stocks and soups on the cooler weather.

We just dry the green parts of whatever we have excess of, whether it be Silverbeet, Spinach, Parsley, even last years dried herbs. In Summer, it dries in the air driers, in Winter in the electric ones.

And it’s not just greens – sweet potato, pumpkin, even kelp gets added. The only things we don’t add are mushrooms as their taste is too strong and distinctive.

We dry kilos of seasonal, wild fungi as they pop up around the place but we keep the powder separate from the continuous veggie mix this post is about.

It always stays strong and tasty because it’s continuously used and new stuff’s always being added.

This powder is one sure way to keep your nutrition high and your immune system boosted. Keeps me looking pretty too.

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

One thought on “Powdered goodness

  1. Your post reminds me: I need to dry the parsley as it is decidedly past its best and I’d like to use the pot for something else!

    Enjoy your soups 😊


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