Last week in Ligaya Garden #4

So much is happening, both here and out in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time.

All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience.

Spring is edging its way closer every day and the garden’s going crazy. Buds, blossoms and leaves are everywhere you look.

We lost a couple of plants to the cold and a couple more are suffering but I think will pull through. Those lost were young Tamarinds. That was a pricey loss but you can’t always.

I love the way that deciduous plants, especially young trees can look like dead sticks for most of the season, then, when you’re not looking, burst forth in flowers!

-The aquaponics has seen a few fish deaths. I think this is due to lack of oxygen in the cold water at night. I’ve extended the frequency and time of the pump runs, especially into the evening.

Today I’ll add one around midnight. I’m also trying increasing the flow rate to the fish tank. It’s sad to see anything die from something I could have prevented.

-Marlon has finished the brochure for the field trip we’re hosting for the Field Geology Club in October. This is just to whet their appetites for a day in the bush.

-I went to check out Hale Conservation Park to check that the plants were all going well in the area we’re holding the walk. Then another trip around getting more pics for more bushfoods posts that are coming along nicely.

-We’ve done more writing and design work on our upcoming book too. It’s going to be called ‘Ligaya Gardening – permaculture solutions from the bottom of the heap’

-Only a little posting over the last week, but one included a video of the front yard as it springs to life.

-I’ve started new bushfoods and bush medicines posts now that the flowering time for many is here. The first was on Flame Heath. I’ve managed better pics for some plants too, so I’ll be frequently updating the pics on other pages. There will be updates to the Bushfoods & Bush medicines index page too.

New posts and pages last week

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