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Ligaya gardening tips #5 The weeds are in hot water

We often get asked for gardening tips, so have decided to do a weekly post describing things we do to keep our garden going well with bugger all effort.

I’ll collate them on this page.

One of the most environmentally friendly, cheap and ready available way to get rid of weeds while there small is plain, every day boiling water.

All you do is boil a kettle of water, carry it carefully to the garden and pour it over the plants you want to get rid of.

You’ll soon get the hang of how much to pour onto each type of plant to do the most damage. All I do is boil a full kettle when I’m making breakfast, use what I need in my coffee and then the rest goes on the garden.

You’ll find that it works better on some types of plants than others. Soft plants like Oxalis just wilt away to a brown mush while some grasses continue on unaffected.

Soursobs and hot water weedicide

Soursobs hate having a hot bath

Some broad leaved plants are unaffected

Some broad leaved plants are unaffected

Grasses and hot water herbicide

It works on grasses while they’re young.

Of course, with some plants, especially tbe very mature or deep rooted, you are only killing off the above ground growth, but if you get your weeds early like I do, hot, hot water is a cheap, toxin free (unless you count the fluoride!), and on tap…(I just had to sneak that pun in)!

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