There’s another old man at our house

Old man saltbush
The new old man

Yes, there’s a new old man living at Ligaya Garden… Old Man Saltbush, that is!

He’s another addition to our verge garden. A tough old fella who can thrive in the worst conditions but should do just as well with a little love from us

Old Man Saltbush (Atriplex nummularia) is a favourite in the restraunt game, his dried leaves and sticks are used as a garnish because of their salty taste.

Council’s also love him because he’s a ‘plant and forget’ kind of fellow and dense hedges of him are all around in Gawler.

We’ve placed this plant at the northernmost end of our row of edible native trees on the verge as it is by far the toughest of our plants. We did have another before, in a wicking bed but it loved things so much that it completely took over. A whole wicking bed for a single plant isn’t good use!

Wish him luck in his new position.

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