Two and a quarter!

Two and a half cubic metres of soil and compost
Two and a quarter cubic metres of soil and compost

Over the last week, I’ve put in new edging along the main garden paths. Folks kept tripping over the old pavers that we were using for the job – it was a bit of a health hazard!

I wanted to do it in one hit and, after a couple of days searching recycling and scrap options, we found long rolls of plastic edging in Mitre 10 around the corner.

They were a bit pricey but did the job, although the pic on the packaging looked a lot less wobbly than my effort! The new edging is thinner than the pavers and with a little effort, I made the main path about 15 cms wider than it was. That means that a wheelbarrow or two people can walk along it at a time.

Marlon working on the garden
Marlon did most of the heavy work

The extra little bit of height all around was enough incentive for us to refurbish the main beds.

The trip to the landscaping centre is always fun. I run around like a kid checking the various physical aspects of the soils and composts, then go through the brochures from the suppliers and have a good talk to the folks who work there.

Jelina helping in the garden
Jelina took 15 seconds out from study to help out

For this mix, I decided to go with less compost and more sandy loam than in previous years. The landscaper suppliers (Buttrose at Willaston) do everything in 0.75 cubic metre lots. I chose 2 lots of Jeffries Special (Jeffries are the main suppliers this way and recycle all the local garden waste). This included liquid manures already mixed, meaning that I could skimp a bit on the compost and order 1 lot of their Organic compost (although, I think that by definition, all compost is organic, isn’t it)?

The refurbished garden beds
The extra height and edging look great

Anyway, 2.25 cubic metres of delicious, smelly mix arrived early afternoon and we set to work. We first gave the existing ground a thorough soak then covered the place with about half of the pile. Another good soak was then in order before we spread the rest and (you guessed it!) gave it all another good soak.

It took a while and Marlon did the bulk of the work. Jelina was busy studying and writing but did pop out from time to time.

Athena spent most of the afternoon supervising and quality checking by eating delicious tidbits that she found in the pile. Today, her poo is jet black!

I'm sure there were some more plants there before we started
I’m sure there were some more plants there before we started

I gave it all another good soaking this morning and am having a break and a cuppa as I write this.

Once my break is over, I have to check the irrigation, then look for a couple of plants that I am sure were there before we started all this! Once I’m sure there are no victims of our overzealousness, it’ll all be covered with sugarcane mulch

In a couple of days I’ll check the pH of the soil and amend things as necessary.

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