Busy times…

The newly edged path
The newly edged path
Lots of turmoil in the garden as we rejig the drip irrigation
Lots of turmoil in the garden as we rejig the drip irrigation

It’s been a busy week here.

I’ve added a second tap in the front yard and divided the drip irrigation into three, smaller, sectors each with its own tap. This should make water use a lot more efficient next Summer as we can easily isolate parts of the garden now in case the weather gets worse next year.

New edging along the garden paths means that visitors won’t be tripping on the recycled pavers that I had set, on edge, around the paths. It’s a bit taller too, so we can keep the mulch in place better and keep the paths looking better.

Pretty soon we’ll be mulching again for the year. I was waiting until rain had given the garden a good soak before adding more mulch and compost to it but I guess that isn’t going to happen for a while.

The soil is positively hydrophobic, water runs off quickly and even down to 45 cm, it is bone dry. Even a good, long soak doesn’t help. The only solution is lots of rain..

A few new edible, heat tolerant perennials have been planted too. These include Jambu, Magnolia, Hibiscus, Crab Apple, Kalanchoe and Lemongrass. Several other interesting edibles have been added too such as Blueberries, Raspberry and Cyclamen. A lot of these plants have beautiful flowers that will brighten up the garden

I’ve been updating all the bushfoods and bush medicines info on the blog. More info, some better pics and a couple of new entries. Pretty soon, each page will have a download able pdf. https://ligayagarden.online/bushfoods/

Marlon’s been designing some beautiful business cards for us and we have a friend carving some nameplates for the house and gate.

Athena is supervising the dig

Now, it’s time to work on my book…

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