Living Smart visit.

It was a tight squeeze to get everyone in!
It was a tight squeeze

Last Saturday (the 6th of April, that is) we had a visit from participants in the Living Smart course held by our friend, Rachel Brdanovich.

It was a bit of a squeeze to shoehorn 20 or so people into our garden and make sure they could all see and hear what I was carrying on about. We did it though!

I took them on a walk to see the plants and why they were all positioned where they were (yes, there is a plan to it all)!

We had to talk over, through and around plants

We had to talk over, through and around plants

There was a great interest and excitement about it all, especially the plants that folks had never thought about growing or didn’t know had a use. I was glad that Jelina took the day off from her studies to be there and explain some of the uses and benefits of the tropical plants that we have. Her big smile makes everyone happier, it’s her gift.

Much of the interest was about the back yard and how we had squeezed so much in through the aquaponics.

I gave a little demo on Bokashi, one on Apple Cider Vinegar making and showed how the Meal Worm Palace works.

It was a great afternoon and Jelina and I joined the group on their second visit for the day, to Andrew and Kylie’s place.

Living Smart courses are workshops and discussions about living a simpler, smarter lifestyle. I attended last year’s and loved it. It raised a lot of questions for me about how we live. I hope we’ve addressed all of them in our lifestyle. Here’s a link to their FB  page.

If you’d like to attend one round Gawler or want to ask some questions, contact the Natural Resources Management, Urban Sustainability team on (08) 8273 9100 or through

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