Lotsa babies! 

With all the crazy weather of late, I decided to drop by the Gawler Community House, where I look after the garden that supplies the kitchen with fresh, seasonal vegetables for their community meals.

Part of my job is to keep the worm farm running smoothly, so you can imagine how happy I was to see lots and lots of babies crawling all over the place exploring, eating and exploring while they were eating (it’s all the same to a baby worm – imagine the joy of living in your food!).

The worm farm is an old fridge, laid on its back, with a drain hole added. The insulation in the fridge walls keeps conditions pretty constant, even in the extreme weather we’ve been having lately.

In the last week, we’ve had several days approaching 40°C, then strong rain and wind and 14°C. The worms, however have been nonplussed and have carried on eating, exploring…

What a life! 

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