Winter 2018 garden walkthrough

It’s been a weird winter. Quite mild and relatively little rain. Times are a changing and we have to adapt. We’re past the Winter Solstice so warmth is on it’s way but, ironically, were seeing the coldest temperatures of the winter.

Here’s a bit of a walk through of the Winter garden while all the leaves are down and you can see the ground.

There’s been a few changes around the place, new plants put in and a few being watched closely to see if the come back again when the weather warms up.

The goal, as it has been for a while, has been to establish perennials in the front and just use annuals for in-fill, fodder and green manure.

I hope you enjoy the stroll!

2 Comments on “Winter 2018 garden walkthrough

  1. That was a lovely garden tour, Malcolm. Nice taro and bananas. Yes, stick your sugarcane in 🙂 I think you need two tomatillo plants for it to set fruit.


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