Jess’s Intermediate Mushroom Growing Workshop

I’m a bit late in writing this post, the problem with the blog and some other stuff have taken a lot of my time but I’d like to talk about the Sunday before last when I attended the second of Jess Bamford’s series of workshops – ‘Intermediate Mushroom Growing’ at Joe’s Connected Gardens. Plus, I lost my notebook until today!

This was a big step up from the basic workshop. This one covered using commercial liquid cultures, extending these mixes and creating your own.

We covered making and using airport lids, sterilization and inoculation techniques for several different substrates. Then it was on to practical work perfecting the art of grain transfers.

The most interesting info to me was that mycelia get bored and don’t thrive unless they get the occasional change of diet to perk them up.

There was lots of info on fruiting and fruiting chambers and how to make your own with the perfect conditions from a range of easy to get tubs and containers. Jess also showed us her nifty storage container and rubber glove temporary ‘clean room’.

High tech indeed!

As you can see, it was an action packed morning that was we’ll worth the early rise. The ever lovely Jess has greatly improved her presentation skills from the last workshop I attended and is destined for mycological greatness methinks.

A family with a garden near Gawler where we experiment with sustainability.

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