Gary’s got a new home!




A couple of days ago we took out the backyard pond. It took lots of space and wasn’t very productive, so that space could be used for other things.

While we were doing this, we needed to find a new home for the goldfish. That was easy, they went into the aquaponics (after a time in a bucket while they got used to the new water conditions). We found a Brown Tree Frog during our efforts too.

The big question was what to do with our wandering crustacean, Gary the Yabby?

Luckily, I’d just fitted a DIY solar fountain to the little pond in the front yard. It seemed most suitable for both Gary and the frog, so in they went.

Gary was so happy with this turn of events that he actually refrained from his favourite game of ‘sever the finger’ while I popped him under the duckweed.



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