Shadehouse complete

Over the last week, interrupted by periods of bad health, and with Marlon’s erstwhile assistance, I’ve put up a shadehouse that covers most of the northern end of the house.

This is the end that usually gets blasted all day by the summer sun, so shading it has been on our to-do list for a while.

We were lucky enough to get some cheap building materials, so went ahead and did it.

It’s already making a difference. The other hot day I measured 46° on the exposed brickwork but only 36° on the bricks under shade. Thats a 10° difference!

The best way to stop something getting hot in the sun is, of course, to block the sun and prevent the heat getting to it. While ambient air temps and humidity can offset the effectiveness if this technique, it’s still a pretty effective and simple technique to keeping the house cooler.

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