Milk Kefir cheese

I recently added a page on Milk Kefir to our Fermentation page. I’d like to expand on that a little with this picture of Milk Kefir cheese.

I mentioned on the page that you could leave Milk Kefir an extra two or three days. The curds separate out too and float on top with the Kefir grains

To separate the liquid from the grains and curd, its best to hang the mix so that the whey can drain out. Then you can squeeze the last of the whey out by hand. You’re left with soft, tangy Milk Kefir cheese that rivals any of the softer, tastier cheeses for bite.

Hang the curds and whey to drain.
Hang it to drain the whey from the curds.
or let it drain through any kind of filter.
Keep the thick stuff.
Keep the thick stuff.
with Capsicum...mmmmmm
with Capsicum…mmmmmm
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