Ready for production!

The greenhouse aquaponics is ready to go! I’ve got all the times worked out for the bed, flow rates and lighting and the test plants, well, they haven’t died…

There have been a couple of small modifications over the last couple of days. 

The bell siphon on the gravel bed has a small hole drilled into the outlet tube so that when the system is turned off, the bed drains slowly and doesn’t stay full.

The other change has been the addition of a small tube to the outlet pipe. There was a siphon occurring when the pump was turned off, draining about 1/3 of the fish tank out and through the beds. 

This wasn’t so bad, but meant wasted time when starting the system as the tank needed to be filled before the first water was piped to the grow beds.

I searched online and found this fix on Robbob’s  Backyard Farming YouTube channel where he explains the use of a small tube as a venturi to break the siphoning effect.

Other than that, we have a light (more coming) and timers for the pump and lights.

It’s been quite a learning curve, but now we’re ready to move to the next stage…growing stuff to eat!

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