Welcome Jess

Jess Bamford
Nice Persimmons

I’d like to take the opportunity to welcome Jess Bamford to our blog!

I know Jess wrote an article (Fungus among us)  for us a couple of weeks ago, but I’ve been my usual slack self and only just got around to thanking her.

Jess knows far more about fungi than anyone else I know and has taken me on a couple of mushrooming expeditions to Mt. Crawford forest through which I have expanded my diet enormously.

The lovely Ms. Bamford is part of Joe’s Connected Garden where she lives with her partner Jesse. If you want to contact her, her email is

j-bamford@outlook.com, or you can get in touch through Joe’s Connected Garden Facebook page or through this blog.

Hopefully, she will share lots more fungal and botanical knowledge with us…

Thank you, Jess!

Jess at Mt Crawford
Dreaming of mushrooms
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