Gawler Kitchen Herbalists

Recently, I have been posting a lot of stuff on Facebook. I like it because it so immediate.

On that esteemed platform I have created an informal little group called Gawler Kitchen Herbalists to look at local, wild herbs and plants that we can use for remedies and food.

I did it because there is a broad and deep range of knowledge on the subjects of remedies and food locally, but a lot of attention has been taken by traditional European and American herbs that are read about in books from the UK and the US. Stuff that the health industry has sold them in the past.

Gawler Kitchen Herbalists

I can’t see the point of buying exotic, imported herbs from the Amazon, or somewhere north of Ulan Batur when so much is free, here and (in season) now.

Our group is set up to encourage local knowledge and interaction at a personal and community level.

If you’re living around Gawler, or, in fact, anywhere near Adelaide, take a look and send a join request –

Gawler Kitchen Herbalists

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