Wild Rose, Dog Rose (Rosa canina)

Dog Rose
Dog Rose (Rose canina)

Common names: Dog Rose, Wild Rose

Taxonomic name: Rosa canina

Family: Rosaceae

Uses: soothing, relaxing, colds

Area of origin: Europe. North Africa & Asia

Warnings: Nasty thorns on the plant. Don’t eat the Rose Hips, they’re full of irritating hairs.

Dog Roses (Rosa canina) form prickly tangles highlighted with beautiful, pink flowers. They can be so tangled that folks have thought them to be Blackberries.

Dog Roses, like all Roses, bring peace. The beautiful flower, showing from a tangle of worldly thorns, suggests peace within trouble.

All the Roses cool and soothe, a tea made from the fresh petals is a sure way to relax and soothe the mind. Using Rose Oil is a very common way for people to seek peace  and heal heartache.

Rose Hips are a fruit common to many species of Roses and have amazing healing properties. Their shells are full of vitamin C and other antioxidants. Don’t eat them though, they are full of tiny hairs that will get stuck in your mouth and throat. They are so bad that they were the material used for the original joke itching powder.