Creeping Woodsorrel (Oxalis corniculata)

Common names: Creeping Woodsorrel, Sleeping Beauty, Procumbent Yellow Sorrel

Taxonomic name: Oxalis corniculata

Family: Oxalidaceae

Uses: Food

Area of origin: South East Asia

Warnings: Contains Oxalic acid which can cause a reaction in some people.

Oxalis corniculata or Creeping Woodsorrel is a common plant in pots and garden beds. It seems to make itself very much at home in potting mix.

A lot of folks don’t like it because ‘it’s a weed! ‘ but it’s not to me, it’s a tasty snack.

It’s an Oxalis, so contains Oxalic Acid which gives it a bit of a bite. It’s not as strong a taste as other relatives in the Oxalis genus such as Soursobs but then again, everything about it is smaller and more delicate.

My favourite part is the green seed pods which, at 1-2 cms in length, seem quite oversized for such a tiny plant. Pick them off and have a tangy munch.

Interestingly, these seed pods are known for something else. They explode when ripe – loud enough to be heard from around the garden! Again, something you may not think of when you see such a delicate plant.

Creeping Woodsorrel is full of surprises!

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