Timeline Pics from 2016

2016 started with a hot summer and the gift of a 1000l rainwater tank from a friend. We didn’t want overflow all over our freshly laid pavers, so Marlon and I dug up a chunk to put in a drainage pipe. As is usually the way, what we thought would be an afternoon job turned into a nightmare when we discovered that the downpipe from the house roof wasn’t actually connected and the pipe that it was meant to run into ran backwards, to below the average drainage height. How it hadn’t eaten out a huge hole underground, I’ll never know.

The pic below is of Marlon, absolutely buggered after we dug down and found the issues.

Marlon tline 2015 (15)

About this time, friends gave us a pond which we put at the back and connected up a solar pump for it.

tline2016 (9)


We laid out leftover pavers to define where the edge of the larger beds would go.

tline2016 (5)

tline2016 (6)

tline2016 (8)



Then we shipped in 5 cubic metres of compost and mulch

tline2016 (10)

and covered the whole area in paper and cardboard scrounged from neighbours, Foodland and Bunnings as sheet mulch.

tline2016 (11)

Then we put the organic material into the beds. Our friend Bonnie dropped by to help, but I can’t find a pic of her…sorry Bonnie.

We moved the old raised beds onto the new bed areas and, well…raised them.

tline2016 (12)

Lots of polypipe was put down for drip irrigation.

tline2016 (13)tline2016 (15)

After a bit, it was all looking organised and tidy and just a little greener than when we started.

tline2016 (18)

tline2016 (4)



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