Timeline 2015


The house was ours in October 2015. It was, from a gardening and renovation point of view, tabula rasa.


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The first thing to go in was a row of deciduous trees that would block us from the vicious Western summer sun that beatdown of a summer afternoon.

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Then a row of citrus went in along the fenceline. The idea was for them to make an edible hedge.

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At this time, the new fences hadn’t gone in and the backyard was still a disaster!

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We got some plastic raised beds from a sasle and they went in as close to the front door as possible. These provided our immediate edibles for quite a while (I’ve never had such a great crop of tomatoes again).

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Then came the paths and the paving out the back. A curved path was put in both for aesthetics, feng shui and to help make a breeze (more about that on another page).

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Before the pavers went down, Lon and I rigged up a small solar system at the back.

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