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Ready for Winter

Well…much more ready than in past years. Summer’s truly over now, here in the south of Oz. The joy of fighting through a jungle of cool, green growth will be replaced with trying to avoid the same growth, turned icy and wet. So, we’ve… Continue Reading “Ready for Winter”

Goosefoot is the new Spinach

​Here’s something interesting… We ignore this plant, Goosefoot (Chenopodium album) yet it contains more goodies than its relative, Spinach. I dug up a ‘weed’ from the footpath and planted it in the middle of this bed. Around it I planted more traditional vegetables and… Continue Reading “Goosefoot is the new Spinach”

Its been a while and a lot’s happened

Jelina mushrooms

Ive been really slack in keeping the blog running consistently. The wife asked me NOT to post every little thing we did to make the house sustainable and to get a really amazing garden going. We went from this…   To this…   and… Continue Reading “Its been a while and a lot’s happened”

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