Last week in Ligaya Garden #3

So much is happening, both here and out in the big world that we thought it worth doing a little catchup every Sunday and publish it on a Monday, Oz time. All of the posts will be listed here on this page for your elucidation and convenience. Last week in Ligaya Garden -A slow week in the garden. There’s a lot of buds and blooms coming out, All the deciduous trees are swelling and ready to pop. Like the Dwarf Mulberry in the pic above. Everything’s growing just as it should be. Lots of Sun and frequent rain is kicking things along nicely. It certainly doesn’t need any help from me at the moment, so I’m taking it easy. I’ve been a bit concerned by the news from Hong Kong and have been researching modern social action starting with the Zapatistas in 1994 who wandered out from the jungle with a whole new way of protest. It’s very interesting how

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