Introducing Athena


Meet and greeter, security guard, works supervisor and technical advisor, newsletter author.

Athena is our fun loving poo machine who keeps us joyous while making sure that we don’t have too much food laying around the house.

She’s a 5 year old Labrador with a winning personality. Folks regularly drop by on their way past for a rub of her famously soft hair to cheer them up before they are on their way again. She’s both our greeter and our security guard and her loud, deep bark is known throughout the neighbourhood, though she’s usually calling ‘come and play’ rather than ‘stay away’.

Laying on things is her forte.

Athena’s main roles in Ligaya Garden are protection and promotion, nitrogen supplier, hair shredder and general clown. She also excels in laying on top of anything I’m working on that includes some kind of fabric like tarps or shadecloth.

We don’t know what we or the neighbours would do without her.

Chief research scientist.
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