Late 2018

Late 2018 is when the garden got into full steam. Most of the infrastructure is in, perennials established and healthy. We got ready for Summer early with shade cloth across the whole back yard.

Athena helped, of course.




I rebuilt her throne so that  Athena could continue to be queen of the street.



The garden got bigger and greener

Elder tree


There was a new girl in the chook run…Dolores

Dolores the chook


Dolores is so destructive and such an escape artist that we had to close in the chook run.

Jelina bird netting


Jelina raised funds for a conference trip to Vancouver

Jelina cooking fund raising


We had a feature in our local newspaper, The Bunyip

The Bunyip


Then there was an article in Grass Roots magazine

Grass roots


Jelina’s work area is finished, this will also be the workshop and teaching space.

New work area 3


We finally started the verge garden with native plants.

Native verge 4


And then there were the rabbits…


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