Our new edible fungal discoveries

Our main Wild Fungi page is about the fungi that we know well and eat often. But we’re always learning and this year have discovered that a few more local fungi are edible but we’re not that experienced with them.

This page is about those new discoveries that came mostly via reliable Facebook mushroom groups. The entries for individual fungi on this page will be updated as we gain more experience with them. We’ve only tried a small sample of each, so this page is for information only, there are no guarantees at this stage. For guaranteed good eats, refer back to Wild Fungi on the website.

Grey Ghosts (Tricholoma terrerum)

Grey Ghosts

Tricholoma terreum

Slender Parasol

Macrolepiota clelandii

(I’m waiting for a good picture. Will have to wait until 2022 season now. Bugger!)

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